Governance - Decision-Making Process

An integrated professional team handles work at the Monitor.

The bylaws of the Jordan Media Institute (JMI) apply to the Monitor. These bylaws ensure independence and institutional work since JMI is a non-for-profit, independent institution financially and administratively.

The dean of JMI and rapporteur of the Committee of Expert supervises making and developing work policies at the Monitor, including plans of action and approving monthly and qualitative reports.

The chief editor of the Monitor supervises the progress of work at the Monitor and the adoption of all the necessary procedures in accordance with legal and professional foundations and the vision, goals, and objectives of the Monitor.

The Monitor holds a daily meeting to assess work and determine the daily plan of action, chaired by the chief editor.

The Monitor holds a weekly policy meeting, chaired by the dean of JMI.

The Committee of Experts holds a monthly meeting and when the need arises.