News of “Crisis between Oman and Jordan” is Inaccurate

Akeed – News of a “Omani-Jordanian crisis” following an altercation between two sportsmen at the end of the Asian Group IV competition of the Davis Cup was dismissed as inaccurate by Akeed.


Some local media reported the altercation under the headline “Crisis between Oman and Jordan following a verbal offence by a Jordanian sports official against Oman during the Asian Group IV competition of the Davis Cup.” However, Jordan Media Monitor, Akeed, cross-checked the facts and established that the reports of the incident had been blown out of proportion and were inaccurate, exaggerated, and imbalanced – among other ethical reporting violations.

Another local media outlet similarly, posted the news of the incident without conducting proper verification, Akeed said.

The Asian Group IV competition of the Davis Cup took place in Amman between September 11th and 14th. Jordan won the final match against Oman.

Engineer Hazem Adas, President of Jordan Tennis Federation said that such incidents are a frequent occurrence in sports events, adding that Jordan has apologized to the Omani delegation. He confirmed to Akeed that the incident was contained and did not develop into a “crisis”, and that the Federation was not cautioned.

Akeed was given access to a voice message sent to Jordan Tennis Federation’s  President in which Salman Al-Buloushi, Executive Director of the Omani Federation stresses that the episode has been closed.  There was no mention of a grace period given to JTF to present an official apology.

Akeed urges journalists to adhere to ethical and professional reporting standards.