Inaccurate News: Warnings about “counterfeit 50 dinar bills”

Akeed - Aya Khawaldeh- A daily newspaper published an article with the title “Warnings about counterfeit 50 dinar bills,” with content within the article that explains that the circulation [of the bills] is limited, as opposed to what is implied in the title. According to best practices, these facts should be mentioned in the title to avoid exaggeration and sensationalization.


The article, which was republished by a number of local news sites, cited interviews with citizens and supermarket workers, explaining that every little while, various denominations of fake currency circulate--among them 50 dinar bills--but that the bills cannot pass through exchange companies due to the presence of devices that detect fake currency. The head of the Jordanian Exchange Association told the author that these were individual cases that could not be generalized.

For its part, Akeed reached out to the Financial Issuance Department at the Central Bank of Jordan, which reiterated the inaccuracy of what was published in the previous report, and confirmed that they have received no counterfeit currency in recent days, adding that the Central Bank receives counterfeit money very infrequently.

The Department clarified: “In the 25 years that there have been bills of counterfeit currency, not limited to one bill value, all of which appeared after the proliferation of color printers and scanners, they have been individual cases, which do not indicate ongoing criminal or fraudulent activities.”

Akeed also conducted a search for news centered around counterfeit currency in recent years, which illustrated that this issue is not a new one, as talk about the issue arose during 2013 and 2015 because of several news reports, including:

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Akeed reiterates the necessity of distancing headlines from the possibility of exaggeration and sensationalization, guiding that headlines should be expressive and directly related to the article’s body and content article, in order to avoid the spread of rumors.